Breaking Apart the Different Neighbourhoods of Burlington, Ontario. -by Kim Melhuish
Many ask what the best area in Burlington is to live in. The lack of specific response to this is due to the diverse nature of each neighbourhood. Because everybody is a bit different in what they are looking for "home" to look like, I've broken apart the neighbourhoods in order to provide a general sense of each. 

Downtown Burlington: One can compare downtown Burlington to the city's heartbeat. Think cool shops, pretty cafes, and enough action to keep one happy and busy. It is the place to be if one is looking for that urban feel without all the hustle and bustle that comes with a big metropolis.

Aldershot: Aldershot resembles the suburban ideal, with a tree canopy cover that makes one want to go out for a nice walk and feel that "days-past" ambiance. The area is speckled with parks and schools and, with a bit more affordability, it is attracting new and younger families to the area.

Brant Hills: Brant Hills is one of those neighborhoods where everyone waves hello and the kids play outside until the streetlights come on. It gives that wholesome vibe that screams, "Relax; you're home.

Tyandaga: If ever there was a diamond in the rough, Tyandage is it. Winding streets, tall trees, and houses that look like they are right out of the storybooks. The proximity to golf courses allows you to perfect your swing without have to go far from home.

Millcroft: This area will likely speak to you if you are looking for upscale living with a side of luxury. The homes are large, the lawns are manicured, and the country clubs cry out for day off or a Sunday brunch.

Headon Forest: Headon Forest is the cozy sweater of neighborhoods—warm, welcoming, and ever ready to wrap you up in a hug. It has an excellent, tight-knit community and enough green spaces to satisfy any nature lover.

Roseland: Roseland is where the fancy folk hang out, with fabulous homes that will make you look twice. Being in close proximity to Lake Ontario and the waterfront, beautiful views and breezy walks along the shorelines are a part of life.

Alton Village: Shining in a new coat, modern facilities and schools, Alton Village becomes the new kid on the block. Absolutely perfect for those who want to experience the fresh contemporary vibe without having to take away the homey comfort.

Shoreacres: To describe living in Shoreacres in one sentence, it is "your own little private piece of paradise on the lake." It has beaches, parks, and trails that area perfect for outdoors enthusiasts and summer solstice chasers. With good schools, the neighbourhood has many young families with children.

Longmoor: Longmoor is an evergreen charm that never fades out of trend. It is more like a trip back in time when the neighborhood with great community spirit and good vibes. It has that classical ambiance where you will feel at home right from day one.

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