Fall in Love with Burlington, Ontario! - by Kim Melhuish

Fall in Love with Burlington, Ontario!  - by Kim Melhuish

Burlington-pride is strong amongst its residents, and for good reason. Burlington holds the best parts of thriving city, community, proximity to major hubs, suburban appeal and natural beauty. 

When looking at what makes Burlington great, these are a few of the things that pop to mind:

1. Natural Beauty and Great Outdoors: The city of Burlington is proud of the scenic waterfronts found along Lake Ontario, extending panoramic views and activities in and about the pristine waters. Attractions in the area include important parks and conservation areas. For instance, the reknowned Royal Botanical Gardens is available for all to absorb its beauty, as is the Bruce Trail for hiking enthusiasts. The green spaces within Burlington provide year-round activities and opportunities to stay in touch with nature.

2. Strategic Location: Burlington is strategically located between Toronto and Hamilton, providing urban accessibility along with suburban serenity. Major highways lead to town and public transit systems and airports. The surrounding cities are relatively easy to commute to while enjoying quieter suburban home life.

3. Community and Cultural Life: Burlington's community and cultural life are rich. The city host numerous festivals and is host to art galleries, theaters and museums to suit any taste. Everything from the Sound of Music Festival and Canada's Largest Ribfest to a myriad community programs held within the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. These events instill the feel of community-mindedness that you can witness from one end of the city to the other.

4. Quality Education: The city is home to two of the best-rated school boards, the Halton District School Board and the Halton Catholic District School Board. The many esteemed public and private schools within region guarantee the highest quality of education to students. Schools in Burlington always rated highly due to their quality in the delivery of education.

5. Economic Stability: Burlington has a very strong and diversified economy that is home to many advanced manufacturing, technology, and service firms. The city is also comprised of various business parks, a vibrant core downtown, and plenty of activity that promises great opportunities for professionals from many areas. Businesses recognize the significant support that they receive fromt he city at the local level.

6. Quality of life: In most cases, Burlington finds itself listed as one of the best places to live in Canada due to the high quality of life that it provides. Included in these are high levels of education, health care, house and green space. 

7. Waterfront: The waterfront of Burlington ranks among one of the city's best places to be. The pretty Spencer Smith Park and Promenade area host many events that draw thousands of residents and visitors to bask here and play, partake in outdoor activity, and stroll along the Burlington Pier. 8.

8. Services and Amenities in the Community: Burlington offers a plethora of amenities and services for its residents to experience and enjoy. Amongst these are the world-class recreational facilities, libraries, and community centers that host program for all ages and levels. The city is committed to a healthy and active community.

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