Some of the Factors Contributing to Milton’s Population and Economic Growth - by Kim Melhuish

Some of the Factors Contributing to Milton’s Population and Economic Growth - by Kim Melhuish

Milton is proving to be a hot spot for many young families due to its combination of location to urban and natural amenities, quality of life, affordability and sense of community. As described in more detail below, Milton has officially made its stamp on the real estate market and is positioned to thrive moving forward. 

1. Rapid Growth and Development: Milton is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, which has translated into massive investments in areas of infrastructure, services, and community facilities. The growth has brought a good opportunity to the residents in terms of housing, employment, and education.

2. Proximity to Nature: Milton has the benefit of sitting amidst the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail. This allows for incredible recreation spots and scenic activities in parks, such as Rattlesnake Point, Crawford Lake, Hilton Falls, and many others.

3. Family-Friendly Community: The community in Milton is very family-focused. There is an ambiance of serenity and welcome and fits families of every size. Throughout the year, there are always a lot of family-based events and festivals held in the town, bringing along with it a strong community feeling.

4. Educational Opportunities: The town has a variety of educational institutions, from public to Catholic schools, that have been noted for the kind of education they offer. Equally important with the growth in Milton, new schools have also come up to cater to the needs of a growing population with many young families.

5. Regional Facilities and Programs: Milton hosts many renowned facilities, including the Milton Sports Centre, Mattamy National Cycling Centre (Velodrome), and many parks and community centers. The area attracts skiers to the nearby Glen Eden hills and to Kelso Conservation area throughout the year. Due to assets such as these, you’ll find that Milton’s vibe speaks to healthy and active living.

6. Convenient Location: Situated directly off of Highway 401 and just minutes to the 407, MIlton is easily within reach of major urban centers. Convenient access to GO Transit provides flexibility for commuters. This allows residents to enjoy access to the GTA but enjoy the peaceful and spacious living environment that Milton allows.

7. Economic Growth: With strategic location and development, Milton further benefits from the experience of a growing, diverse business community and expanding industries. The local job market and economic base are thus stable, covering the growth in advanced manufacturing, distribution, and food production.

8. Cultural Diversity: Milton has not grown slowly; hence, cultural diversity has not been a problem within the town. The welcomed diversity can be easily seen by the wide-range of community events being held and the type of food establishments and festivals which are being enjoyed by residents of all cultures alike.

9.Affordability: One of the key factors for many young families regarding where to live comes down to affordability. Milton offers more affordable options in comparison to some other towns within Halton. This greater affordability does not come at the cost of amenities, quality of life or sense of community and makes it the perfect fit for many.

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