Why Live in Oakville, Ontario? - by Kim Melhuish

Why Live in Oakville, Ontario? - by Kim Melhuish

To many Oakville residents, there is no other place they'd rather be. In fact, Oakville consistently ranks extremley high on the top places to live in Canada.  What creates this uniqueness and desireability? Oakville hosts a myriad of advantages for calling Oakville home.

Quality of Life: Oakville ranks as one of the leading places of residence in Canada due to the very high level of quality of life. The town is uniquely placed to afford an excellent quality of life exemplified by great schools and health care facilities, coupled with low crime rates tending to offer a serene atmosphere for family life.

Scenic Beauty and Recreation: The natural lakefront with scenic beauty, many parks, gardens, and an extensive system of 200 km of trails for outdoor activity and relaxation. It further provides endless opportunities, therefore, one can easily sail, kayak, or take in waterfront festivals from Oakville Harbour or venture further into natural bounty through the many parks and conservation areas. Cultural and Community Events: The place is an art and cultural centre with a large number of galleries, theatres, and museums. The ensemble of cultural buildings includes the Oakville Galleries and the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. The community calendar will be filled throughout the year with festivals such as the Oakville Jazz Festival, Midnight Madness, and the Oakville Family Ribfest. It has community written all over it.

Excellent Education: The town is also home to Ontario's finest, both in private and public schools, which give your child an excellent opportunity in education. It provides easy access to post-secondary schools in the Greater Toronto Area.

Perfect Location: With locations between Toronto and Hamilton, Oakville has never been nestled in perfect locations with just the right balance between the charm of small-town charisma and the convenience of big-city amenities. Residents have easy access to major highways and GO Transit, with closeness to most of the amenities in Toronto and business hubs, yet they really don't have to live in the bustle of a big city.

Affluent Community: Oakville has affluent neighborhoods with homes kept at a very high standard, making the area an address of much sought-after houses among the rich and famous for luxury estate buyers who appreciate elements of privacy, exclusivity, and prestige.

Friendly and Diverse: Oakville is among the top outstanding friendly, diverse, and multicultural communities, with number one focus on how people would want to be welcomed and the place where all of their residents and newcomers feel welcomed and safe in a town that promotes local pride. Everything from its culinary choices to its cultural festivals and community groups shows off the great diversity of the town.

Thriving Local Economy: Since many big corporate firms hold their headquarters in Oakville, this provides a sound local economy with vast opportunities for jobs. Being a local business hub, the Halton town also endorses many local entrepreneurs, thereby fostering the community to be very lively and growing.

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